By Lu-Marie

Styling your lifestyle.

Your style should not only be a story of what you wear, it is the image that you send back while embracing your brand. It’s your lifestyle.

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The story behind the brand:

Growing up, I would often admire my aunt as she would get dressed to go out and then I would sneak into her room after she’s gone to try on her clothes and heels. One of our favorite things to do was to get dressed and just take random pictures. That nourished my love of style and fashion.

I can remember a perfect memory, when I was just 6 years getting ready to go look at the Carnival parade. I can remember the excitement and feeling it was for me to get all dressed up. Then the attention I got from the bystanders wanting to take my picture with a simple hairstyle and simple cute pink outfit. Through the years, I also learned that your image also comprises other important elements such as how you speak, behave and act. My presentation is a visual representation of who I am.

So, I always made sure I was dressed to fit the image I wanted to portray: A polished appearance “Elegant” and “Classy”.

After many years of being complimented on my sense of style, I traveled to the French capital of fashion where I enrolled in a course to professionalize and fine tune my craft. With these newly sharpened tools in hand I began working on my project and putting together an area of services for the clients I wish to accompany and support.

Your style should not only be a story of what you wear, it is the image that you send back while embracing your brand. It’s your lifestyle.

Let me help you find the style that best suits you and help you to not only look but feel your best for a personal or professional life change, a great occasion, or simply the desire to (re)find yourself.

The face behind the brand:

Born and raised on the beautiful Island of St-Martin, Luciana Raspail affectionately known as “Lucci” is the founder of By Lu-Marie Brand.

Luciana holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and is a future Master’s Degree Holder in International Trade. Obvious to her friends, she always had a keen eye towards attires and choice of style. After dishing out informal advice to close friends and family with their outfit choices, she decided to take the bold step and turn this passion she did naturally into a professional journey.

She decided to get professionally trained and is now a Certified Image Consultant.

Her aim?
With a natural empathy, she wants to help you reveal yourself and align your image with your personality through image consulting techniques which will help you gain more confidence and help you to achieve your goals.

To be able to accompany you in your process of revaluing your image in order to reveal your potential and enhance the image you wish to convey. Her approach will be targeted not only to your style but also to your personal and professional development.
She is founded on the belief that your style is above all, the image you project and your authenticity and that you should always show up looking the best version of yourself and doing such should always be a joy.

Luciana is also known for her elegant and unique sense of style. She always makes a statement when she enters a room. When she is not busy with work or her many organizations, you can find her indulging in a gourmet meal, chipping behind a Carnival troupe or catching flights.


Let me help you find the style that best suits you !

This sessions allows me to know you, understand and define your needs. It will also give you the opportunity to get a better understanding of my services. In the end we will be able to identify the areas we would be able to work on together and establish the action plan moving forward.